Here to help you run your website

Have a web site but no time to add effective content changes yourself? Allow us to assist you.  We offer web site support services to help you grow and improve your online presence.

Our primary focus is content management system web sites powered by WordPress or Drupal.  In addition, we can work other custom websites and site builder services such as web sites built in Wix, SquareSpace, Shopify, and more.  

Lastly, if we don’t know your web site system, we can look it up and determine how we can help!

Content Updates

Let us help you by managing content updates and changes. You can be responsible for providing the content or we will write something for your review. Change images, no problem, we can do that too.

Install New Features

We can add webforms, build out maps, install commerce systems to allow you to expand your website. If the plugin or module exists for your CMS platform, we can learn how to deploy it for your business.

Custom Development

Want a custom page? We can build it for you. Missing some functionality that does not exist in the CMS? We can develop it. Have a idea for a new style, look or feature? We can design and develop it.

Licence Management

A web page can contain content from paid sources or use paid solutions from 3rd party plugin vendors. We can make sure your content assets are licensed and that your paid subscriptions are current.

Support tailored to your needs

Let us learn your business and find out what you need.  We will provide sound recommendations in clear non-technical terms so you can make informed decisions.  We provide estimates and/or we can follow instructions to just get it done.  

For things that may be high risk or little rewards, we will clearly inform you when we feel “the juice is not worth the squeeze” so that you can choose to proceed or not prior to spending money on development time.