Web maintenance keeps your site secure

Modern content management system (CMS) powered websites, such as WordPress or Drupal, are complex and receive numerous code updates each month.  These updates can include new features and performance enhancements but often contain security patches and fix bugs. Unfortunately, malicious people are always scanning the internet for unpatched web sites.  Our web site maintenance service makes sure available updates for your web site are applied in a timely, methodical, and managed way. 

Most importantly, we understand the inner workings of your Drupal or WordPress site. We know how to safely install software patches and updates so there are no surprises.

Our updating process ensures that your web site remains fully operational.

    Complete Backups

    Before applying software update, we make a full backup of your website (database, web site source code, and uploaded content).

    Staging and Testing

    We stage your web site on an offline development server to check that the backup is complete and everything works. On this server, we then apply the software updates to make sure they install correctly and do not break anything. Once all have passed, we schedule the software updates to be applied to your live site.

    Verified Updates

    We install software updates to a live site usually at a time when they will cause minimal disruption. When installing updates, we make another backups if needed. We apply the updates and verify the live site continues to work before closing the task. We ensure your site is operational and in good order.

    Managing Web Accounts and Access

    Keeping track of domain name registrar accounts, web hosting accounts, various billing accounts, user accounts, service accounts, and related web software licensing can be a real challenge. 

    We offer management service of your web accounts and create a secure record of every account.  In addition, we verify who has access to certain accounts and for what purpose.

    We strive to make sure you and your employees have the right level of access to your web site and its related systems, and that everything is safe and secure.

    Account and vendor web management services we perform:

    Inventory Services

    We assess and make a record of the domain names, web hosting, google accounts and other services used by your web site to get a clear picture of what you have setup.

    Securing accounts

    We make making sure username/password are known and verified for future use. We advise you of any weak passwords and work with you to change those to strong unique passwords.

    Encrypted record database

    We store account information in an offline secure database that employs the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES 256 bits). You will be trained on how to use this database so that all your records are safe and in one place.

    User Administation

    We can manage user access as well as teach to good user management best practices. We make sure your users have the right access to the appropriate accounts and services.

    Vendor Liasion

    We can talk tech with your web hosting, domain , and other web service provider to get the right things setup for your web site. We can also translate and explain tech talk into non-technical terms so you always know what is going on, and more importantly, why!

    Service tailored to your needs

    Let us learn about your web operation and make sure it is safe and secure and cost effective.  In additional to managing accounts and checking security, we look at the services you are using and determine if you are getting the good value for your money. 

    Our advantange is that we make sure you are paying for those services directly and not through us or a 3rd party affiliate. 

    We do not offer web hosting or domain names registration and are not affiliated with any domain name or hosting provider.