Web Design

Cool New media has years of experience helping clients design their web presentations. We can help with graphic design, wireframing and storyboards, HTML prototyping, interaction design, and analysis and testing of the design prior to committing to full scale development/productions.

Here's what we're focused on:

  • Wireframing and Storyboarding — Build paper flows and box interfaces to help flesh our the features and services and views of the web site.
  • HTML Prototyping — Quick and dirty web pages that may incorporate graphics from the graphic designers to bring the website to life. Prototypes are useful in that they can bring a design to life for the first time and because they happen early in a project, they offer stakeholders a way to see the product and give initial feedback.
  • Interaction Design — Work done both on paper and in HTML prototyping. Working out the feel interaction can be critical in discovering the full workload of the project as well as help uncover the gotcha's in some of the complexity.
  • Design Testing and Analysis — Consulting work to provide feedback on a designed solution. Our expertise also comes from being able to look at web sites and web designs objectively and from a customers perspective, and we can provide feedback to help strenghten the design.