Project Initiation and Site Planning

Cool New Media has years of experience helping clients bring their web site visions to life. We can help with defining the project, project planning, organizing the work and manageing a team of designers, developers, writers and business stakeholders.

Here's what we're focused on:

  • Customer Profiles — Helping identify, refine and clearly detail the users and customers for the product or idea.
  • Vision and Scope — Create foundational material to help launch the project and provide a high level direction and a bases for future project decisions.
  • Use Cases — Create people and system use cases to bring definition to how the system or product will be used (which leads to functional requirements and development specs).
  • Site Maps — Create a map of the website, detailing out the heirarchy of sections, category and page types under the whole system
  • Web Page Details — Create specific and detailed information for each page represented in the site map, which represent the requirements of the page in the whole system.
  • Planning Consultation — Help with requirements gathering, analysis, idea prototyping, paper prototyping, and testing of the product prior to commiting to development.
  • Open Source Product Selection -- Techincal review and analysis of open source offering as potential solution for various business needs.