The Zumer Database Project is the aspiration to create the world’s most comprehensive, accessible and up to date depository of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) performance information.

For web technology, Zumer is build on Ruby on Rails and as a web 2.0 application, the site uses AJAX calls to display and expose various levels of data.

We assisted the Zumer development team by helping separate the code into reuseable modules/blocks as well as convert design comps into CSS / HTML.

Features we enhanced through CSS:

  • Switching of gradient backgounds tied to a single CSS Class (CSS used as a parameter to toggle colours)
  • Liquid height roundy boxes
  • Text truncation through CSS when text is wider then its container box.
  • CSS include heirarchy that allows section and page level CSS overrides. This heirarchy loads in this order:
    1. reset.css--reset a web browser's css values to a common default.
    2. typography.css--build up base typography
    3. main.css--setup site specific layout blocks, titling look, links, and common styles
    4. override.css--system checks for this on a per page / per section order and if found, include the overidding CSS file-can be more then one)
  • reuseable CSS style blocks that help ensure that a modules look and feel remains consistant throughout the site.

Since our involvement, Zumer has progressed with it's website (including new featues and look and feel changes) and is now available to the public.