LesPlan Educational Services

LesPlan came to Cool New Media looking for a developer they can personally deal with and someone who would take a keen interest in the ongoing development and operation of their eCommerce Drupal based web sites.

When we stated the project, the LesPlan website had fallen behind in terms of updates with current Drupal code and functionality and it was time to move it forward before it fell too far out of date, which would have made long term security management far more difficult and costly.

In the previous website, even though it was powered by Drupal 5, much of the content was assembled by a non-standard Drupal customizations, added at a time before more standard Drupal core alternatives were available.

Our goal in this upgrade project was to migrate much of the content back into Drupal 6 content management containers so that LesPlan staff could once again update and edit content on their website without having to go through a developer.   As well, we extended the editors interface so that more rich and dynamic content could be created in the future.

As part of the upgrade, we upgraded the previous Drupal 5 theme up to Drupal 6, while maintaining the look and feel for the website.  We tossed out lots of old code to optimize performance with the end result being a leaner, more standardized template to build upon.

Key Drupal modules used/upgraded in this project:

  • I18n + additional I18n modules to assist with content translation
  • Ubercart
  • Views
  • CCK
  • Imagecache
  • Panels