/ and are part of a large subscription based online interactive current events resource for teachers/students from grades 3 and up.  The service features online quizzes, audio recordings, videos, and more.  For teachers, there is a portal where teachers can track the progress of their students.  For students, Currents4Kids is a place where they can learn the news (reading and comprehension skills) in an friendly and easy to use learning portal.

Key features for this project:

  • Two websites running independantly but use the same codebase (underlaying source code)
  • Custom subscription system that is school based and not user based
  • Access levels for students, teachers, school administrative contacts (and scalable to whole school districts)
  • Teacher's students grouped into classrooms
  • Custom workflows for students/teacher interaction (quiz taking and student written assignments)
  • Teacher's students grouped into classrooms

CoolNewMedia built the initial sites.