BC Ferries web application

Completed XHTML / CSS work on an internal web application for the British Columbia Ferries Corp. The work involved changing CSS look and feel based on the mode/state of a complex data entry system.

Some key features:

  • Pure CSS layout, HTML remains clean and uncluttered.
  • All images are rendered by CSS, so no image tags.
  • Cross-browser compatable ( A-Grade browsers).
  • HTML form has been broken into a modular blocks and ID'd accordingly.
  • Minimal use of JavaServer Faces code for applying ID's and Classes (applied CSS through module specificity) to keep HTML and Java clean.
  • The form is complex and dynamic and some elements are coloured diffently depending on the state of the form. Form state from a "view" standpoint is partly controlled by setting a global ID that through specifity colours or show/hides blocks and elements. (*THIS IS ADVANCED STUFF).

As this is an internal application for BC Ferries, no preview is available. The screen shown has been altered to hide further detail.