Lakehill Soccer Association

The Lakehill Soccer Association is one of the top youth soccer development clubs in Greater Victoria, B.C.  The goal for this project was to provide a solution that allowed multiple content creaters access to create and post information.  Joomla was chosen to power this website as the content editor is friendly and intuitive, making it accessable by non-techincal editors.

Oak Bay Beach Hotel upgraded to Joomla 1.5

Cool New Media recently worked with Radar Hill Technology and Walker Hospitality in their project to upgrade the existing Oak Bay Beach Hotel website from Joomla 1.0 to Joomla 1.5.

Cool New Media assists Bionic Spider

CoolNewMedia recently participated in a re-design of the client' real estate based website for Bionic Spider Online Solutions where we worked on a team to port the old site custom coded website into a Drupal powered solution.

Spam Defence Solutions

For businesses, dealing with the ongoing issue of spam in their systems and communications processes is a real problem. Some consider it an unavoidable nuisance that comes with doing business online.  Workers tasked to monitor inboxes or website communications will deal with spam from time to time and each instance can be considered a small loss of productivity.  Spam is a black hole, a drain on business resources, and over time can suck hours of productivity out of workers.  However, this does not have to be the case.

Cool New Media can manage spam in your web systems, putting up filters and defences to limit the amount of spam that makes it to a worker.  We offer spam defence solutions to help protect your website from contact spam, comment spam, email harvesters, and other forms of spammers and spambots.

WildPlay Launches a New Park (and a New Website)

WildPlay Element Parks is growing and recently opened a new park in Whistler, BC.  To support this new location, Cool New Media worked with Wildplay to retrofit their existing website to support multiple parks.


In the Summer of 2010, WildPlay Element Parks was growing and it needed a more dynamic web system to help meet increasing content changes, marketing objectives, and be ready for future growth and scalability.  Drupal was chosen as the platform to help WildPlay expand its website presentation and allow multiple people to work on the website at once.

Charlesworth Fine Art

Charlesworth Fine Art is the website for acclaimed Canadian artist Rod Charlesworth. Their prior website was developed as a static HTML site and although it was techincally effecient, it required someone with HTML and web publishing experience to make simple content changes.  Subseqently, updates stopped and the website fell out of date with Rod's current portfolio of work and exhibition schedule. It was clear that Charlesworth Fine Art needed a solution where they could make simple updates.

Two new sites launched!

We've been really busy lately building new websites.  Here's a sneak peak at what we've been up to:

And currently working on 2 more new sites!

Joomla Consulting for Oak Bay Beach Hotel

Cool New Media recently helped out Walker Hospitality with two of their Joomla! based websites Oak Bay Beach Hotel and  Walker Hospitality needed a Joomla! developer to bridge support for their websites and provide some techincal assistance with SEO changes in the interim while their new web site development team worked to get up to speed with the Joomla CMS.  Thanks to Shawna Walker and her business.  We're glad we could assist.

Cool New Media supports Drupal based sites

Drupal, like Joomla, is another major open source Content Management System (CMS) for building presentation websites, news sites, and other web applications.


Cool New Media now builds and supports Drupal based websites.