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Website Health Check

Cool New Media is now offering a 35 point inspection of a Client's website operation.  This website health check is designed to give clients a detailed report (3-6 pages of information) that includes the findings and a grade for various points and aspects of their website as well as provide some recommendations and prescriptions for improvement.

Cool New Media deploys WordPress for Phoenix Studios' website properties

Phoenix Studios came to Cool New Media looking for a developer to help setup and deploy a common CMS solution in order to modernize and replace its various custom HTML web sites.  WordPress 3.x was the solution of choice as it was a good fit for the current presentation needs for all of Phoenix Studios sites.

Cool New Media working for Work at Play

Cool New Media has recently been contracted by Work at Play, a Vancouver based digital agency that provides strategy, creative, and development for large organizations and agency partners.  Our role with Work at Play is to provide additional Drupal page building resouces so Work at Play can augment and increase their production capacity.

We are currently assisting in web page production work for one of their featured clients.

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