Website Health Check

Cool New Media is now offering a 35 point inspection of a Client's website operation.  This website health check is designed to give clients a detailed report (3-6 pages of information) that includes the findings and a grade for various points and aspects of their website as well as provide some recommendations and prescriptions for improvement.

Areas examined and inspected in the website health check include:

  • Homepage Speed  (Speed and performance testing)
  • Homepage Search Engine Optimization
  • Homepage Source Code Validation
  • Content Management System Status (Check the CMS and its addons)
  • Files and Database Status
  • Site Design Evaluation (how does the look and feel measure up)
  • Web Browser Compatibility
  • Domain Registrar / Web Hosting / Web Server (are these up to date, do they meet the needs of the site)


For new clients looking to test out Cool New Media's approach to website development and management, this website health check is a good place to get started with us.